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Title: The Doctors Book of Home Remedies II
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Description: Random House, Inc.: The next best thing to having a doctor in the house… From the editors of Prevention Magazine Health Books comes the most complete, practical, and easy-to-follow guide to good health ever written. Here, in one volume, nearly 700 of America’s top health-care professionals offer their better doctor-tested remedies for hundreds of the most common health complaints, from angina to varicose veins, asthma to warts. these are the remedies that doctors themselves use at home and in their offices. The Doctors Book Of Home Remedies II is an indispensable resource that can save time, money, and maybe even your life by putting professional medical advice at your fingerprints. No home should be without this important and invaluable book.


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The Doctors Book of Home Remedies II

Category: Reference
Brand: Doubleday Publishing
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Rating : 4.1
Rating: 11
Review: Cheaper than a doctor, and more fun!
This book is an excellent source of information, with thousands of direct-to-the-point pieces of advice that are apparently effective (at least those remedies that I tried worked.) The doctors’ advice is clear, direct and absent of techincal medical terms. It’s a "do this" and "here’s why" kind of advice rather than a lot of theory.

It’s also fun to read; I’ve laughed out loud at some of clever writing. I originally bought this book for medical reference, and wound up taking it with me on vacation for "pleasure" reading. Not only have I learned a lot from it, but I showed it to my doctor and he agreed with the medical effectiveness of those remedies. I bought this book along with the Home Remedies Book for Children, and both are useful. But if you only want/need one, II (the blue cover) is the definite choice. It’s more comprehensive and better written.

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