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Title: Pain Relief with Trigger Point Self-Help
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Description: Trigger points—tender, painful knots that develop in muscles and tissues—are a common cause of chronic pain. With more than a quarter of all Americans suffering from various types of daily chronic pain, it’s estimated that these hyper-irritated hardened masses are the primary cause of pain 75 percent of the time.
Sustained self-treatment is by far the most effective trigger point therapy. Pain Relief with Trigger Point Self-Help helps you understand and then treat your condition, leading to rapid, effective, and lasting pain relief. With full-color photos and illustrations throughout, it explains the physiology of trigger points and teaches you how to:
• Locate your trigger points and understand “referred pain”
• Prevent trigger points from forming by making simple lifestyle changes, practicing proper body mechanics, and addressing nutritional deficiencies
• Treat trigger points by applying pressure and doing simple stretches
• Understand common pain conditions for each area of the body
Written for anyone wishing to successfully treat his or her own pain, the book is also an invaluable reference for any health-care provider whose patients suffer from either chronic or acute pain. 

Pain Relief with Trigger Point Self-Help
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Rating : 4.9
Rating: 8
Review: The BEST!
I own several books on pain management and physical fitness, but this little CD is the best “book” I have that addresses muscle/body pain and how to eliminate it. There are detailed drawings of muscles, body photos showing trigger point locations and referred pain, well organized text, and movies demonstrating the self-help technique that Ms. DeLaune teaches. If I were to own just one book on pain management, this would be it. Check it out! You won’t be disappointed.

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