Muscle Pain Relief in 90 Seconds: The Fold and Hold Method Big Discount

Title: Muscle Pain Relief in 90 Seconds: The Fold and Hold Method
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Description: Relieve your Muscle Pain in Seconds! You’re now only 90 seconds away from getting rid of many of your muscle pains, completely drug free! If you suffer from back pain, tennis or golfer’s elbow, head or neck pain, wrist pain, shin splints, carpal tunnel syndrome, or many other common muscle aches, Dr. Dale Anderson’s innovative “Fold and Hold” technique can help! “Fold and Hold” combines simple, safe, biomechanical self-treatment with the natural healing powers of the human body. The result is muscle pain relief in 90 seconds. Here are just a few of the benefits:
* You can do it yourself–no need for expensive tests or “fixes” from physicians, physical therapists, or chiropractors.
* It’s comfortable–remove your tender spots by finding a non-painful position.
* It’s convenient–can be done anywhere, anytime. No appointment needed.
* It provides extended pain relief by treating the cause of the pain, not the symptom.
* It requires no drugs, dietary supplements, special instruments, or machines.
Muscle Pain Relief in 90 Seconds clearly teaches the right moves to ease over 20 muscle problems, from a stiff neck to ankle pain. This revolutionary method is a must for everyone with muscle twinges and aches.

Muscle Pain Relief in 90 Seconds: The Fold and Hold Method Muscle Pain Relief in 90 Seconds: The Fold and Hold Method
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Category: Pain Management
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Rating : 3.7
Rating: 10
Review: Better than traditional physical therapy
I work on a computer and was having career-threatening pain in my hands. I found this book to be more helpful than traditional physical therapy (strengthening and stretching exercises). I had a co-worker who was even worse off than I was and also found Anderson’s fold and hold technique to be better than anything his therapists had him try. However, we both still had to be careful about how much we typed. We also worried about whether the pain would get worse again.

Years later, I tried John Sarno’s techniques for back pain. His books are entitled "Healing Back Pain" and "The Mindbody Prescription". I found that these back pain techniques also worked wonders for my hand pain. I can now type all I want on "bad" keyboards with only minimal pain and with no worry that it will get worse again.

I would highly recommend considering Sarno’s approach over Anderson’s. If you do not accept Sarno’s approach, then Anderson’s is the next best…

Category: Pain Management