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Title: The Concise Book of Trigger Points, Second Edition
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Description: Most muscular aches and pains are caused or affected by untreated “trigger points,” localized tender spots in muscles. Understanding and treating these points can lead to rapid and lasting pain relief. Trigger point therapy is a powerful tool in the management of both acute and chronic pain, including such common problems as headaches, TMJ syndrome, and back pain.

Written in a straightforward style, The Concise Book of Trigger Points is designed for the student and practitioner of massage/bodywork, physical therapy, physiotherapy, osteopathy, sports therapy, and any other health-related field. It functions both as an entry-level textbook and an authoritative reference for even the most experienced therapist. The first four chapters describe the physiology of trigger points and the general methods of treatment. The following six chapters are organized by muscle groups; each two-page spread features detailed color illustrations of each major skeletal muscle, accompanied by an explanation of each muscle’s origin, insertion, action, and function. The physiological implications of the trigger points in each muscle are discussed, along with treatment techniques. This edition contains updated text and a self-help section addressing common pain complaints, including headache, neck pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain, and TMJ syndrome.

The Concise Book of Trigger Points, Second Edition
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Rating : 4.6
Rating: 9
Review: The Concise Book of Trigger Points, 2nd Addition
This book would be great for a practitioner as it refers to muscles by their correct names, but it is of lesser use to a person who is looking for a self-treatment book unless you know the precise name of the muscle are looking for, to work on.