Soft Point Viscolas Sports Insole – Size Small On Sale

Title: Soft Point Viscolas Sports Insole – Size Small

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Description: Soft Point Performance/Shock Absorption Sport Insoles: For Hiking, Running, Skiing, Work Boots & more Men’s Sizes 2 – 4, Women’s Sizes 4 – 6 – FREE SHIPPING!


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  • The Viscolas┬« Sports Full Insoles are made of lightweight, closed-cell foam with original Viscolas viscoelastic polymer inserts for superior cushioning at high-impact areas. The shape of the insoles also provides arch support and heel stabilization. This insole is ideal for athletic shoes.
  • Indicted For: Athletic Activity, Lower Back, Foot, and Leg Fatigue, Arthritis of Weight-Bearing Joints, Shin Splints, Medial Ankle Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Plantar Fat Pad Atrophy, Lateral Instability, Postoperative Conditions, Fat Pad Atrophy
  • Made in U.S.A. USDA Accepted, Hypoallergenic, Safe for direct skin contact, Documented by Independent, Clinical tests.
  • The Viscolas┬« Footcare products are made of the original Viscolas viscoelastic polymer for superior cushioning. Viscoelastic is unique because it not only dissipates the shock generated from everyday and high-impact heel strike but also prevents the skeletal reverberations. The impact on the heel, joints and back is thereby reduced, helping to relieve pain and discomfort. The viscoelastic has a natural tacky surface to keep the product in place. The fabric cover helps keep the foot dry and comfortable and is resistant to fungal and bacterial growth.

Soft Point Viscolas Sports Insole - Size Small Soft Point Viscolas Sports Insole - Size Small
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Brand: Viscolas
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Rating : 3.7
Rating: 6
Review: Shoe Stability
These inserts were just as described. They easily fit into my running shoes. Medium women’s size worked great for the 8 1/2 shoe. I noticed a difference immediately just when wearing shoes around the house. I had been suffering from shin pain and my first day out running with these made me very pleased about the product. My shin pain had decreased to the point that I could actually run (which I had been taking very easy before). They are working out great after two weeks!

Category: Insoles