Penguin All Sport Insoles (W12-13/ M12-13) Get Rabate

Title: Penguin All Sport Insoles (W12-13/ M12-13)

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Description: Penguin Insole Science Absorbs the impact so your feet and body don’t have to. Significantly increases the performance and comfort of your footwear. Reduces injurines. Helps to prevent heel spurs and shin splints! Softens the impact on your knees and back. If you love to play sports or workout with intensity, you’ll love Penguin insoles. Specifically designed for maximum shock absorption and to increase performance control. Penguin Insoles enable any athlete to get the most from his or her workout, while reducing the probability of impact related injuries.


  • Breathable Fabric wicks away moisture to help prevent blisters, calluses and athlete’s foot
  • Polyeurethane Foam molds to the shape of the foot providing comfort, cushion and support
  • Reduces recovery time from injuries to the feet, legs, hips and back
  • Provides maximum comfort with minimum weight and thickness

Penguin All Sport Insoles (W12-13/ M12-13)
List Price: $7.99
Price : $7.99

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Brand: Penguin
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Rating : 4.7
Rating: 3
Review: Great insoles at least for me.
I have had Morton’s Neuroma for many years and it’s crippling. Over the years I found certain models of running shoes and low end hiking low cuts work with an insole. The hikers have a certain shape Navados sole which works for some reason. I’m not sure why but it has give under the neuroma which works for some reason.

The insole was arrived at after a few years of experiments with fitting and cutting them in various ways to support the foot and relieve pressure on the nerve. What worked was a cutting a hole one and a half inches in diameter under the neuroma. The insole thickness and support also made a difference and the Penguin insole was just right at least for me. They gave the foot support and did not wear out so I liked them. I should add that I bought about 10 different types of insoles and some a few pair. The experimenting went on for a few years and was expensive.

This year a few pair of hiking shoes and running shoes were worn out so when…

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