Medi-Dyne Tuli’s Heel Cups Classic – Large (over 175 lbs.) Big Discount

Title: Medi-Dyne Tuli’s Heel Cups Classic – Large (over 175 lbs.)

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Description: Tuli’s Classic Heel Cup -L Tuli’s Classic Heel CupTuli’s~Double-Ribbed Classic Heel Cups provide 50% more protection than our previous model and provide relief from the everyday pain of heel strike. Worn in your shoes, Tuli’s~Classic Heel Cups will help prevent sore heels and knees, shin splints and heel spurs. They will also relieve arch, ankle, leg and back pain that results from everyday heel strike.Product photo may not exactly match the product offered for sale. Please refer to the product description.


  • Heel pain & plantar fasciitis
  • Reducing shin splint pain and preventing shin splints
  • Promoting stability and proper alignment
  • Tuli’s Classic Heel Cups – the #1 Podiatrist recommended Heel Cup world wide
  • Nothing works better or lasts longer than your TuliÕs – Shock absorbers for your feet.

Medi-Dyne Tuli's Heel Cups Classic - Large (over 175 lbs.)
List Price: $13.00
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Category: Heel Cushions & Cups
Brand: Tuli”S
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Rating : 4.0
Rating: 131
Review: Relief!
This is only the second heel cup I’ve tried, and it’s a winner. Nothing looks like it could be better.

Several years ago I’d tried another brand of heel cups for a problem with the fit of some of my shoes. It was was worse than no solution. They were too small (size 14 shoes). They would not stay in position inside my shoes, sliding to one side or the other as I walked. I was disappointed with the whole concept of heel cups.

Now I have plantar fasciitis. Tuli’s Gel Heel Cups appeared to be worth trying, especially since they come in different sizes. The Tuli’s heel cups stay in place pretty well. (I’d have to say they slip a little, just because my feet are wide in the front and narrow at the heels. There’s always too much room at the heels of my shoes, but YMMV.) The shock absorption is outstanding, and they seem to reduce or eliminate pressure points inside my shoes.

I bought two spare pairs so a.) I have them on hand when I’ve worn out my first…