Medi-Dyne Tuli’s Cheetahs Ankle Supports with Heel Cup – X-Large-100-110 lbs. Discount !!

Title: Medi-Dyne Tuli’s Cheetahs Ankle Supports with Heel Cup – X-Large-100-110 lbs.

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Description: Shock absorbers for your feet! At last, Shock Absorption and Ankle Support in one lightweight unit. Tuli’s® Cheetahs™ are a dynamic and revolutionary new combination of Tuli’s® Heel Cups shock absorption technology and the comfort and stability of a lightweight neoprene ankle support. Tuli’s® Cheetahs™ are ideal for athletes, gymnasts, adults, children, or anyone who works or plays on their feet. Slip on style. • 3″ x 2″ x 6″. • Comfort Guaranteed. • Doctor Recommended. Available in five sizes: • X- Small: Under 70 lbs (see item # MDY-10220). • Small: 70-80 lbs (see item # MDY-10225). • Medium: 80-100 lbs (see item # MDY-10230). • Large: 100-120 lbs (see item # MDY-10240). • X-Large: 120-140 lbs (see item # MDY-1250). Tuli’s offer instant relief from: • Tired, burning, aching feet, legs and back. • Painful heels and heel spurs. • Nagging backache and neckache. • Shin splint and arthritic joints. The product referenced on this detail page is sold be Each.


  • Available in both a Fitted slip-on version or One Size Fits All with adjustable velcro straps.
  • Provides support for shin splints and tired and swollen ankles.
  • Fitted XL fits Insep (around arch of foot) Circumference Over 10.5 inches
  • Fitted version does not have a strap
  • For 100-110 lbs

Medi-Dyne Tuli's Cheetahs Ankle Supports with Heel Cup - X-Large-100-110 lbs.
List Price: $16.24
Price : $16.24

Category: Heel Cushions & Cups
Brand: Tuli’s
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Rating : 3.8
Rating: 128
Review: So glad I got this!!!
I wasnt going to leave a review but then I saw the 1 bad review a lady left on the medium sized one. I have a heel spur right under the achilles heel, not on the bottom of my foot. I have tried everything known to man (except surgery) to try to help this. This brace is the only thing that works. My spur is still there, but I do not hurt NEARLY as bad after playing football. Also, it works great for playing basketball too. I have tried other braces and then one works the best by far. My only suggestion is to buy two. I’m about to, just waiting to find something else to get for the free shipping. It comes with another gel pad without the brace. But its a pain to keep it in place if you play sports that require you to stop and go. I tear up all my socks and it ends up moving all around. So Im going to buy another one for my other foot, just cause they feel so good.

This also isnt a real great brace. Which is why I really like it. It allows normal movement but…