Dr Scholl’s Pro Pain Relief Orthotics for Heel M (8-12) Get Rabate

Title: Dr Scholl’s Pro Pain Relief Orthotics for Heel M (8-12)

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Description: Immediate and all-day pain relief. Clinically proven. Podiatrist developed. Relieves pain from plantar fasciitis & heel spurs. You have heel pain. You want immediate and all-day relief. You need Dr. Scholl’s heel pain relief orthotics. Shock Guard: Soft foam absorbs shock; cupping design supports the heel’s natural padding. Fully Supportive Arch: Relieves heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis. For all shoes: 3/4 length design fits easily in your shoes. Clinically proven to relieve heel pain. Casual shoes. Dress shoes. Sneakers. Dr. Scholl’s heel pain relief orthotics are clinically proven to provide immediate and all-day pain relief from heel pain, including pain from heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. Made in China.


  • Dr. Scholls heel pain relief orthotics for men relieves pain from plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.
  • It is Immediate, all day heel pain relief.
  • It is developed with podiatrists.

Dr Scholl's Pro Pain Relief Orthotics for Heel M (8-12)
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Category: Heel Cushions & Cups
Brand: Dr. Scholl’s
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Rating : 4.2
Rating: 52
Review: solid product for a reasonable price
I can only present my experience and we all have different body types and feet so this may not work for the person next to me.I work standing up on concrete floors all day. Over the past five years I have suffered off and on from plantar fasciitis (aka stone bruise, heel spur)on the heel of my right foot. This past summer I fished so much that the stress of my studded wading boots (which completely lack any heel cushioning) triggered the inflammation of my right heel. I have tried various off the shelf products and have seen specialists in the past. I do not want surgery or periodic cortisone injections. I really do not want to spend a lot of money. This product works well…..extremely well for the price. Most importantly it does not aggravate the injury. Coupled with a decent shoe (my current choice is Brooks Addiction 7) I would say it relieves 90% or more of the pain. I would recommend researching a decent shoe and using this product as the first option for plantar fasciitis.