Cambion Heel Lift – 1/4″ – Large – Sold Individually Big Discount

Title: Cambion Heel Lift – 1/4″ – Large – Sold Individually

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Description: Cambion shoe inserts provide an instant answer to foot and leg fatigue, shin splints, calcaneal heel spurs, ankle pain, dropped arches and heel strike. They are also clinically proven to reduce the incidence of lower back pain. Cambion products are formulated to reproduce the shock attenuating properties of a second layer of human tissue. They are based on a visco-elastic polymer, which provides shock absorption, cushioning and support. The components are hard-wearing, with good moisture absorbent qualities for hygiene and comfort and are easily fitted or repositioned as required. They are anti-bacterial and will not bottom out with use. Cambion products will last up to one year with good care.


  • Size SMALL: Shoe Size Men 7 & less, Women 9 & less
  • Size LARGE: Shoe Size Men 7 & up, Women 9 & up
  • Heel lifts are available in small and large sizes in thicknesses of 1/8″ and 1/4″
  • Cambion Heel Lifts provide concentrated shock absorption in a heel-size insert
  • Heel lifts help compensate for leg length discrepancy and help level the alignment of the hip

Cambion Heel Lift - 1/4 Cambion Heel Lift - 1/4
List Price: $6.03
Price : $6.03

Category: Heel Cushions & Cups
Brand: Cambion
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Rating : 3.8
Rating: 31
Review: They stay put and they are discreet!
I have to wear one heel lift and I have tried several different ones however none of them would stay put. I wear alot of sandals and flip flops and I wasn’t willing to give them up just because I have to wear a heel lift. These are great!! I bought a few of these and put them in each of my different shoes. They stay put and you can’t see them. It was embarrassing when you have to wear green heal lifts or tan. It’s bad enough you know they are there but you know everyone can see them. I also got sick of trying to figure out where it fell off my shoe at. These are discreet and stay put even in Crocs!! I am buying more.