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Title: 2XU Women’s Compression Race Sock (White/Grey, Small)
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Description: With Graduated Compression engineering to promote increased circulation, the 2XU Race Sock enhances blood flow and supports and stabilizes the calf and key muscles in the lower leg during training and competition to allow these muscles to operate more efficiently with more power and less fatigue. The race sock also promotes increased circulation to flush by-products more efficiently and minimise blood pooling in the extremities. This popular sock also channels air, wicks moisture and boasts a linked toe cage to enhance comfort during use. Perfect for endurance events.


  • 80% Nylon, 20% Lycra Sport
  • Designed as an athletic sock with circulation and muscle support benefits
  • Great for training, racing, and recovery
  • Machine washable, line dry, no bleach
  • Taiwan

2XU Women's Compression Race Sock (White/Grey, Small) 2XU Women's Compression Race Sock (White/Grey, Small)
List Price: $44.95
Price : $44.95

Category: Athletic Socks
Brand: 2XU
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Rating : 4.6
Rating: 10
Review: Really helped my shin splints.
They are comfortable, and I like the way they look. (The pink is a lighter, more subtle pink color than it appears in the product picture). I am starting to run again, but ran on concrete with shoes with poor absorption/cushioning – and got shin splints. It hurt even when I wasn’t walking. I got these socks, and my shins felt so much better right away. They help with the pain when I’m walking too. It hurts less when I have the socks off too. I can’t run yet, but these seem to be helping me heal faster.

One note about the sizing: The sizes are based on shoe size and calf size. I bought these at a local store, and was able to try them on. I didn’t know my calf girth, but the ones that were my size based on my shoe size fit perfect. It won’t let me upload an image for this product, but here is what is on the box: (calf size / shoe size)
XS: Calf Girth: 12″-13″. USA Women: 5.5-8.
S: Calf Girth: 13″-14″. USA Women: 7.5-10.
M: Calf Girth: 14″-15.5″. USA Women:…

Category: Athletic Socks