RunPro Insoles – Low Arch Support – Running & Walking (10.5-12 Men 12-13.5 Women) image 02

RunPro Insoles – Low Arch Support – Running & Walking (10.5-12 Men 12-13.5 Women) image 02
currexSole RunPro insoles

– are the only technical running insoles which are specifically designed for running
– only insoles with DYNAMIC arch support (3 dimensional and still flexible)
– ultra light (40+ grams)
– breathable
– very low profile (4mm)
– appropriate for racing and minimalistic shoes as well
– rounded heal to reduce pressure
– decoupled heel which allows the heel to remain stable while the arch naturally pronates
– fore foot rebound pad for better energy transmission
– rear foot PoronĀ© for shock absorption
– flexes with the shoes, no interference with the technology of running shoes!!! -(Most arch support insoles change the running shoe characteristic & and soft and cushioning insole are far more fatigue and have no positive benefits to runners)
– all sizes differ in density & size of the arch support to respect different weight & forces
– only vendor that can claim word-class athletes using the product

currexSole insoles were rated #1 by “Running Fitness” magazine!

Helps improve and avoid knee pain, collapsed arches, Achilles tendinopathy (tendinitis), back pain, blisters, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, heel pain, IT band (iliotibial band) syndrome, ankle pain, arch pain, runners knee, and bursitis

Reduce fatigue, improve performance & prevent injuries
Bridge the gap between the foot’s profile and the flat shoes surface in order to create an optimal force transfer
Designed to guide and keep the foot in its biomechanical optimal position whilst reducing excessive foot motion
Reduce stress on joints, ligaments and tendons, cause of injury/overuse injuries in the foot, knee and hip area
Designed to be added to each running / walking shoe (substitute the cheap sock-liner)