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Title: Pro Band Arch BandIT
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Description: No more messy arch tape – Pro Band Arch BandIT delivers arch support in an easy on / off design. Relieve arch pain, heel pain and plantar fasciitis without the fuss of arch tape. Renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. Donald. O Fareed created the ProBand Arch BandIT with a medial pad that cushions the arch and provides the right amount of support for everyday wear. A soft, woven strap mimics arch tape, wrapping around the foot to hold the pad in place. Caution: Not recommended for those with poor circulation or diabetes.


  • Medial arch pad provides flexible support to arch and middle of foot to help relieve pain
  • Oval shaped pad cushions whole arch; Soft, woven strap wraps around foot to hold pad in place
  • Lightweight polyester fabric feels comfortable against skin; Hook-and-loop closure allows for easy on / off
  • Helps relieve Arch Pain, Fallen Arches, Flat Feet, Heel Pain & Heel Spurs, Plantar Fasciitis, Pronation, Weak Arches
  • Versatile support can be worn with or without a sock, inside most shoes or barefoot

Pro Band Arch BandIT
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Category: Arch Supports
Brand: Band-It
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Rating : 3.5
Rating: 2
Review: A Miracle
I started using Dr. Fareed’s ProBand Arch BandIT and immediately the pain in my mid-back and right hip went away. I am stunned and so happy, since I’ve been taking cortisone shots to relieve the pain and with this simple product it is all gone.

Category: Arch Supports